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Poolbar Festival 2023 - Lalalar + Support


Di, 18.07.2023, 20:30 Uhr


Altes Hallenbad und Reichenfeldpark
Im Reichenfeld
zum Routenplaner

“Istanbul’s Lalalar remind you of your favorite 80’s cult show theme, and simultaneously sound like a delightful dumpster dive of spaghetti western-psychedelics, Anatolian funk, sampling and

Fresh psychedelia from Istanbul! With their retro-cinematic bass lines, dirty electronic beats, rebroken vocals, flirting guitars and attentively dug samples from the legacies of Anatolia, Lalalar evoke a future nostalgia. Founded by three well-known musicians from the Turkish music scene, respected both for their solo and collective work, Lalalar is no doubt one of the must-hear European discoveries of the moment. The title of their scorching debut single ‘Isyanlar’ translates to rebellions, and that’s more or less the gist of how this bunch operates on stage.